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Who/What is 5th Element Fitness

Not everyone is the same; therefore, not every goal is the same; that’s why there is no such thing as a "standard" training program. Rather, you are a gym rat looking to get over a fitness plateau, an athlete looking to improve performance or someone looking to improve their quality of life, then you are in the right place! 5th Element Fitness is predicated on 5 elements:



Nutrition is the most important aspect of any fitness plan. While nutritionists and dieticians are the only ones qualified to design meal and nutrition plans, trainers can help you find sustainable eating habits to put you on the right path.



Hydration is key when it comes to your health. Rather, you're looking to change your body composition or improve your strength and performance. Our trainers can help with understanding proper hydration, along with electrolyte balance.



Relaxation and recovery are some of the most underrated aspects of any fitness journey. Heat or cold? Stretch or strengthen? The way you rest is just as important as the way you work; rather, it be between sets or sessions we will provide you guidance to find the best ways to recover and heal.



You. As a member of 5th Element, you are treated at an individual. Workouts are programmed and conducted to peak YOUR performance, test YOUR limits, a progress without limitation. We will help you stay consistent while holding you accountable. This is what it takes to be 1% better than yesterday.



Motivation, dedication, and accountability are what you should expect from your trainer or coach. We are not your stereotypical trainers who would use the same workout and training exercises for everyone. We do not use the "cookie cutter method" Our trainers treat everyone as individuals; they will evaluate your overall health and fitness to formulate the proper training exercises, intensity, and scheduling to achieve consistent progress, improved confidence, and overall performance.


Personalized Training for You

We are not your stereotypical trainers that would use the same workout and training exercises for everyone. Our trainers treat everyone like athletes; they will evaluate your overall health and fitness to formulate the training exercises perfect for your body type.


To Inspire, Encourage, Motivate & Educate people of all ages to not only be active but to challenge themselves to be stronger, faster, more powerful; Better than yesterday.

Start Your Fitness Journey Today!

At 5th Element Fitness, our goal is to get you 1% better every day. For more information about our fitness training and coaching services, get in touch with us today.